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Deborah Ministry is born out the desire to see believers living a prosperous
life of fulfillment and success, instead of average life characterized by
struggle, debt, sickness, and defeat. In the world, including USA, it is a fact
that only about 1%to10% of human population is enjoying the wealth of the
world in its fullness.
This fact is also true among Christians. John 1:12KJV “But as many as
received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to
them that believe on his name:” Also in John 10:10 NLT Jesus said, “The
thief's (the devil) purpose is to steal and kill and destroy, but my purpose is to
give them a rich and satisfying life.” These scriptures are the basis of our
ministry, that anyone, man, woman, young or old who will dare come to Jesus
and place his or her believe on his name will receive the right to become
God’s child. In other words, God has given all human being an access to a
rich and satisfying life. However, when you look around the church and most
people that are called children of God, there is no difference between their
lives and the unbelievers. Many believers are paying their tithes and giving
offerings, fasting regularly, serving the Lord, yet instead of their lives
exhibiting the blessing, it is the curse that the enemy is enforcing on their
lives, homes, and finances.
The consequence of believers living below Jesus’ expectation for them is that
their lives and faith barely has impact on their families, churches, and nations.
Deborah Ministry aim therefore is to help people realize the love of God, the
new life in Jesus Christ and empower people to discover the secret to
victorious, rich, and successful life through faith in Jesus’ name. Our vision is
clear, we teach, preach, and mentor and empower people to develop the
audacity to be all that God created them to be.
Don’t tag along; join the club 1%-10% who are enjoying to the fullest the
abundant life Jesus gave to all that believes in His name. The Blessing of God
and not the curse is yours through Jesus Christ.


Our President

Ronke Sanni

Born to a Muslim family, she gave her life to Christ in high school in the 1970s. She is happily married with 4 wonderful children. Her favorite scripture is 1 John 4: 4. This scripture helps her to overcome fears and limitations that prevent many women and girls in her culture from fulfilling their dreams. Witnessing for Christ and using faith to accomplish what seems impossible to many is one of her passions.
In March 2002, after many years of backsliding and sickness, Ronke vowed to serve God all the days of her life if God will save and heal her of all her diseases. She rededicated her life back to God. The Lord answered her prayer, and today she enjoys life free of sicknesses and medications.
Her life assignment is to be a witness for Jesus Christ, and to also challenge and mentor believers, especially women and girls, to develop the audacity to be all that God created them to be and impact the world.

  • I am Bold, fearless, passionate, focus and determined
  • I have the audacity to believes in myself and dream big
  • I Thinks big and rejects any form of Limitation
  • I Knows that everyday matters
  • I Invests my time and money wisely
  • I Works with teams and people that inspires and challenges her
  • I leads and inspires others to believe in themselves
  • I treasure my family
  • I am a blessing to my family and the world

Our Daily Declarations

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