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Our Mission

Our Mission

To empower people to
discover their
life purpose, assignment,
and impact
the world at large.
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Mission & Vision

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Our Vision

  •  Teaching and challenging people to discover their new life in Christ through conference and media
  • Mentoring individual and groups on how to enjoy the life of freedom in Christ
  • Equipping individuals with resources needed to discover and pursue their lives purpose and assignment


1: Empowerment
   a. Knowledge of God’s word and benefits of salvation: Healing,
   deliverance, wholeness and Peace
   b. Mentoring of young girls and women
   c. Living a healthy life style programs
   d. Method: Teaching and preaching through Conferences, convection,
   seminar, training and social media
2: DMI Stores:
   1. Prototype of Goodwill stores in cities in USA, Africa, Europe and
   2. People can purchase donated items at cheap price and the less
   privilege can receive items (limited number) free.  
   3. Money realized from the sale will be used to pay the workers
3: Faith Institutions:
   1. DMI School and Health Centers In Africa, USA, Europe and Islands:
   2. Education: from Kindergarten to university level: for both secular and
   Biblical education
   3. Health center for both divine and medical care

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